Ellen is a busy mom of a 25-year-old son and 29-year-old daughter and a grandma to an adorable girl. She owns 6 blogs and is addicted to social media. She shares simple tips and recipes for baking with almond flour. If you’d like to work together, email info@almondflourbaking.com to chat.

crescent roll bites on a plate

Keto Cream Cheese Bites

These keto cream cheese bites are a flavorful pumpkin dessert with cheesecake filling. Make my almond flour keto cheesecake bites today. Keto Cream Cheese Bites Indulging in desserts while maintaining a low carb or keto diet can seem like a daunting task. However, almond flour serves as a fantastic alternative to traditional wheat flour, allowing

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brown buns on a white cutting board

Almond Flour Buns

Make a batch of these almond flour buns. Your whole family will love these keto hamburger buns as burger buns or sandwich buns. Almond Flour Buns If you’re looking for keto buns, try these delicious low-carb hamburger buns today. Use them as a hamburger bun or for your favorite sandwich recipe. These almond flour buns

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